小說의 視點과 解釋의 問題 : A Study on the Point of View and Interpretation in the Novel

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서울대학교 사범대학
사대논총, Vol.62, pp. 73-94
Like the world is looked differently as the way of seeing the world, in a novel the way of acceptance of a story is changing to the readers as how the way of telling, where is the standpoint of telling, and who is the teller. A story cant be told objectively and the communicative capacity made by subjectivity of narration becomes narrative capacity, and that is an important point of the narrative. The narration of a story perform 'changing the viewpoint' and this is the distinctive feature of a genre of Novel. In the novel, the matter of the narration and the point of view are related to the matter of who see the object and how the way of seeing is, and how the story is told. The story of the novel can be said as someone's whole experiences or an aspect of experiences. The narrative way is that an another man tells about someone' s whole experiences and from the narrative way, the matter of who is the teller and where he see the object(story) makes the matter of point of view. The story of the novel should be communicated in the semiotic communication system, in which the the communication of story brings up the dialog (interact ive, or communicative) relationship essentially. That is the subjects who join the communication do not communicate the story objectively, but each builds a dynamic relation by hearing and telling the story with their subjective viewpoints. In the novel the reason why: the matter of point of view is not simple is that the communication is consist of several layers. And these can be accepted to the readers as a way of an analysis of a work. The meaning of 'view' of the term 'the point of view' is to from the entirety by weaving the parts. Then to from the entirety with parts, you should see the subject with some special meaning. The subjectivity of this way of seeing can be developed to the 'Hermeneutics of the point of view'. A narration of the novel is a way of communication using words. However, the communication in this process becomes several complicated layers and the words can not express everything. Through the perception of this limit, we can use the ability of abstraction and figure of a language at the same time. And we use the way of the point of view and the way of the narration to overcome the limit that the communication can not figure the subject objectively. We can determine that novel exist for the realization about human being as a fictitious truth. At this point, by extension of view and (a sense of) discrimination we can design our self -growth and this can be said the effect of the point of view and the narration. A study on the point of view can be related to Hermeneutics.
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