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인성교육의 일환으로서 분노 및 미움 정서의 인식과 조절에 대한 연구 : Anger, Hate, and Emotional Education

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dc.identifier.citation사대논총, Vol.56, pp. 37-61-
dc.description.abstractAnger and hatred are the emotions to which many educators and counselors have paid attention because they are considered to be related with aggressive and/or violent behaviors toward others and oneselves. Psycho-educational programs such as anger control are those which have been attempted to help the people with a variety of problems. "Person Education" or "Personality Education" is a concept which contains emotional- and psycho-education in Korean culture and education system. In the present paper, anger and hate are analyzed and discussed in terms of four domains: emotion, cognition, behavior and physiology. The four domains should be related to each other rather than functioning separately. The psycho-educational programs and counseling/therapy strategies are discussed to help the clients who need interventions to reduce or control their anger and/or hate problems. Because of the intricate interactions amongst the four domains in regard of anger and hate, the helping strategies should be flexible in determining the focus of intervention. Some interventions are focused on cognitions and the cognitive change results in emotional change, but some other interventions are focused on physiological control and the physiological change results in emotional and behavioral changes.-
dc.description.sponsorship이 논문은 서울대학교 사범대학 발전기금 연구지원비에 의해 이루어진 것입니다.-
dc.publisher서울대학교 사범대학-
dc.title인성교육의 일환으로서 분노 및 미움 정서의 인식과 조절에 대한 연구-
dc.title.alternativeAnger, Hate, and Emotional Education-
dc.typeSNU Journal-
dc.contributor.AlternativeAuthorKim, Kay-Hyon-
dc.citation.journaltitleJournal of the College of Education (사대논총)-
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