近代體育 成立 過程에 있어 英國 貴族 스포츠의 投割에 관한 硏究 : A Study on the Role of England Aristocratic Sport in the Process of Modern Sport Formation

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서울대학교 사범대학
사대논총, Vol.32, pp. 105-129
The scholasticism and the asceticism of the Middle Age had been ended by the flow of the modern trend accompanied by liberal movements. The purpose of this study lies to research the effect of mordern England sport in the process of modern sport formation. Modern sport had been developed by not only humanism and realism in 18 centry but also naturalism. The process of modern sport formation is to demonstrate as follows: 1. Through Renassance and the revolution of religion, the emphasis had been placed on the role of physical education for the construction of human character. 2. Realism emphasized educational curriculum based on the real condition. Realism had been devided into verbal realism, social realism and sense realism. 3. Realism influenced on J.J. Rousseau, Basedow, Salzmann and Gutsmats who advocated physical education as academic course and established modern sport. 4. Modern Sport had been conducted under the ways which modern sport had increased the military power arid stimulated the cooperation of common people. On the other hand, Modern England sport which had been established through the conflict among each social classes and the change of social condition in each period compared with other western countries, was devided into aristocratic sport, popular sport, patron sport and farm sport. Especially, England. aristocratic sport characterized the sensual entertainment had been changed by the confrontation with not only young bourgeois and common people in city, but also the presentation of patron sport, the management and the role of public school and the correlation between bourgeois and aristocrats. By the social change as the revolution of industry, the revolution of religion, nationalism and realism, England sport to be participated all the people was contributed to the construction of modern sport and the dynamics to be born the popular sport and be provided many sport to the other western countries.
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