韓國 敎育課程 發達史(Ⅳ) : School Curriculum Development in Korea (1974~1985)

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서울대학교 사범대학
사대논총, Vol.31, pp. 23-47
In the period beginning with the school year of 1974 until the 1st Semester of 1985, the Ministry of Education revised the academic curriculum a total of eight times. First, the academic high school curriculum was revised on 31st of December, 1974 by curriculum ordinance No. 350, and took force in the school year of 1975. This revision completed the "3rd Curriculum Revision". Second, curriculum ordinance No. 379-23rd February 1976, gave physical education middle schools their own curriculum, with the curricula of vocational high schools and junior teachers colleges being revised in part at the same time. Thrid, curriculum ordinance No. 404 of 28th February 1977, enacted the curriculum of physical education high schools while partially revising the academic high schools also. Miscellanious revisions to other school curricula were made on the same day. Fourth, the Ministry of Education decided to establish school curricula by "notification", the first of which was No. 424, announced oil 1st of March, 1979. Fifth, the curricula of kindergarden·elementary-middle-high school were all revised by the curriculum notification No. 442 on 31st of December, 1981. This was the start of the "4th Curriculum Revision". Sixth, the middle school curriculum was marginally amended on 15th of January, 1983. Mininstry notification No. 83-1 postponed the enacting of social studies subjects by 2 years. Seventh, the middle school curriculum was again amended on 31st of May, 1983. The notification, No. 83-4 postponed the enactment of mathematics and science subjects by 2 years. Eighth, notification No. 18-14 of 31st December, 1983, revised the school curricula for the blind, deaf, and educationally sub-normal, to brng their form and content into line with tihose of normal schools. This revision completed the "4th Curriculum Revision".
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