중학교 생물수업에서 수준별 실험수업이 과학의 본성영역에 미치는 효과 : The Effect of Level-class Instruction of Middle School Biology on the Science Knowledge, Inquiry Process Skills and the Scientific Attitude

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서울대학교 사범대학
사대논총, Vol.58, pp. 79-98
In this study, the effects of level-class instruction of middle school students were compared with those of a traditional instruction on the science knowledge, inquiry process skills and the scientific attitude. In order to examine the effects of the frequency of level-class organization, the level-class I was organized at every class hour, while the level-class Ⅱ was fixed during the treatment period. Each level-class was subdivided into three groups based on the pretest of students' learning ability. Subjects were the 1st graders of six classes in a coeducational middle school in Seoul. The treatment was implemented once a week during ten weeks with level-class instructional materials developed on the Plants of the Surroundings' unit of the Middle Science I. Results showed that the level-class instruction was more effective than the traditional one on scientific knowledge achievement (p<.01). However, the difference between the level-class I and the level-class Ⅱ was not significant (p>.05), and neither were interaction effects of treatment methods and students' learning ability (p>.05). The effects of three instruction methods on inquiry process skills and scientific attitude had no significant difference (p>.05). However, level-class instruction was more effective to low-level students than the traditional one was. The levelτlass I was an effective way to lead high-and low-level students into their frankness and active participation. Thus this study suggests the level-class instruction as an alternative to the traditional instruction especially for low-level students who were apt to be isolated in a traditional class.
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College of Education (사범대학)Center for Educational Research (교육종합연구원)교육연구와 실천Journal of the College of Education (師大論叢) vol.58/59 (1999)
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