태아폐엽간열발육이상에 관한 연구 : Studies on Anomalies of Interlobar Fissures of Fetal Lung

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med, Vol.8 No.2, pp. 41-58
supernumerary fissure had been detected on 802 .cases
(411 cases of male and 391 cases of female) of the Korean
fetuses aged from the 4 th month until the 10 th month.
1. 75.6% of 802 fetuses have anomalous lungs and the
rest of them have normal lungs.
2. The sum of the anomalous lungs is corresponded to
59.2% of the 1604 lungs observed, and 56.7% of the
anomalous lungs are belong to right lung.
3. The frequencies of the fusion of both the right and
left oblique fissures are 43.8% and 48.3% of the total
fetuses respectively. Fusion of the oblique fissure on the
mediastinal surfaces of both lungs is observable in 78.6
% on the right lungs and 68.3% on the left lungs of the
fetuses with the fused fissure.
4. The frequencies of fusion of the horizontal fissure
are observable in 48.3% of the total fetuses. Fusion on
the costomediastinal surfaces of the right lungs is
observable in 64.4% of the fetuses with the fusion.
5. Of the right lung supernumerary fissure is observable
mainly on the lower lobe, and the frepuency is 7.5%
of the total fetuses. Of the left lung the fissure is mainly
on the upper lobe, and the frequency is 4.5% of the
total fetuses observed.
6. Principally none of the sexual and age differences
have been considered.
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