능동적 업무규칙 관리를 통한 효과적인 워크플로우 관리 : An Efficient Workflow Management Scheme with Explicit Business Rules

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김동수; 김영호; 강석호

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한국경영과학회 = The Korean Operations Research and Management Science Society
대한산업공학회 = Korean Institute of Industrial Engineers
한국경영과학회/대한산업공학회 춘계공동학술대회, 관동대학교 양양캠퍼스, pp. 273-276, 2001년 4월 27-28일
In this paper, we have identified and classified
various workflow operational rules. There are many
business rules involved in the operation of workflow
systems within the enterprise business environments.
The rules are defined as ECA (Event-Condition-
Action) rules and integrated with workflow systems
with the active DB technology. Operational rules are
categorized into task dispatching rules, dynamic
process adaptation rules, exception handling rules,
event-based monitoring rules, and external domain
business rules. By adopting rule-based approach, the
modification of business rules for process management
can be easier. With the explicit management of
business rules, the reasoning process of organizations
can be formalized and managed transparently, which
enables rapid and clear decision-making.
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