북한의 어휘연구/사전편찬-남한과의 동질성 회복을 위한 기초 연구- : North Korean Lexicology and Lexicography

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서울대학교 언어교육원
어학연구, Vol.28 No.3, pp. 599-619
In this paper I intend to survey and evaluate the scholastic works in the area of lexicology and lexicography that have been written since the division of Korea into North and South. I will also offer my suggestions for the reconciliation of differences between North and South in this field, to aid in the preparation for eventual reunification.
I do not limit this discussion to lexicology and lexicography alone, but extend it to related fields such as linguistic purification. In as much as such practical matters are a vital part of North Korean linguistics, I will not fail to mention them, but will maintain a basic attitude of respecting the traditional boundaries of lexicology and lexicography.
Vocabulary and word definitions are undoubtedly the most obvious and fastest growing differences between the languages of North and South Korea. Recent South Korean works making reference to lexicology and lexicography in North Korea tend to be self-restrained in their criticism, offering little more than cautious reports on the current state of affairs and cursory evaluation. But as the time for unification talks draws near, it seems that there are some analyses and suggestions we should not withhold.
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