실용적인 외국어 교육의 수업평가 모형 개발 연구 : Research on Evaluating Foreign Language Teaching Programs

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채희락; 윤정미; 최인철

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서울대학교 언어교육원
어학연구, Vol.31 No.3, pp. 561-583
This is a report on the research project "Evaluating Practical Foreign Language Teaching Programs", which was done in 1993 at the Language Research Institute (LRI) of Seoul National University (SNU). There had been some criticism against the effectiveness of the foreign language teaching (FLT) programs at SNU and other institutions. First, we focused on providing a methodology for evaluating the LRI language teaching program at that time. We used three different types of questionnaires to get information from students: two for needs analysis and one for teaching evaluation. Second, we repeated the process of evaluating and improving the program on the basis of the survey done in each quarter. The analyses of the questionnaires allowed us to identify what the students want to obtain from the program. The findings of the present research strongly suggest that the students (and the teachers) be given appropriate academic incentives in order to maximize the effectiveness of the FLT program. We hope that the program evaluation model provided in this report sheds some light on how to improve existing programs and develop effective new programs.
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Language Education Institute (언어교육원)Language Research (어학연구)Language Research (어학연구) Volume 31 Number 1/4 (1995)
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