Expressing Motion Events in Two Typologically Different Languages:Language Transfer of Path and Manner Expressions

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Park, Yujong

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서울대학교 언어교육원
어학연구, Vol.44 No.1, pp. 193-222
motion eventslanguage transferpath and manner descriptioninterlanguageerror analysisKoreanEFL
In the field of language typology, studies surrounding the cross-linguistic expressions of motion events have continued to attract great interest among researchers (Berman & Slobin 1994; Choi & Bowerman 1991; Naigles & Terrazas 1998; Slobin 2005; Talmy 1985, 2000) recendy, crossing over to second language studies (AlIen et al. 2005, Inagaki 2001, Negueruela et al. 2004, Yu 1996 inter alias). This paper examines the overall pattern of syntactic packaging of path and manner productions across two typologically different languages (English and Korean) and the cross-language transfer patterns of adult speakers' L1 (Korean) on their L2 (English) when expressing motion events. Three sets of linguistic production data (L1 Korean, L2 English, L1 English) from two different language groups (15 Korean native speakers, 20 English native speakers) after viewing thirty-five video clips containing motion event scenes are examined. The results suggest that the three language groups significantly differ in the syntactic packaging of path and manner information, with L1 Korean and L2 English showing more instances of path only sentences when compared to L1 English. The results also show strong evidence for transfer as inferred from the observation of congruence in L1 and interlanguage productions. Detailed analysis of the transfer effects of L1 on L2 as well as error patterns of motion event descriptions in the L2 illustrated evidence of transfer effects in the production of motion events. Analysis of the errors evidenced in the speakers' L2 together provides insights into teaching English as a second or foreign language. Discussion of possible further research follows.
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