외국어로서의 한국어 문법 연구 -<외국인을 위한 한국어 문법 1, 2>의 검토를 중심으로
A Study of Korean Grammar as a Foreign Language -Focus on Study The Korean Grammar for Foreigners 1, 2

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dc.identifier.citation국어교육연구, Vol.16, pp. 205-239-
dc.description.abstractThe grammatical education of Korean language for foreigners will be effective

when it is done as a part of learning the ability of communication rather than

when the existing education of grammatical forms is emphasized. For the effective

grammatical education, the system of the educational contents of grammar should

be established and the selection of grammar items for education be made. So far

the relationship of Korean grammar for native speakers and Korean grammar for

foreigners, the classification of Korean grammatical system, the grammatical units

for learning and the method of grammatical description, etc. have been points at

issue in some studies of Korean grammar for teaching. The Korean Grammar for

Foreigners 1, 2 - Books if System and Umge newly issued by the National

Institute of the Korean Language will contribute to systemizing and standardizing

Korean {pedagogical grammar for foreigners, which has never had an unified

system and a standardized book for its grammar. The purpose of this paper is to

study how the main issues of the grammatical education are reflected and

described in The Korean Grammar for Foreigners 1, 2 This job will be done in

terms of the description and contents of grammar in Book of System and in terms

of the selection and formation of entry words, the structure of the dictionary and

the description of the grammatical contents in Book of Usage.
dc.publisher서울대학교 국어교육연구소-
dc.subjectthe grammatical education of Korean language for foreigners-
dc.subjectgrammar items for Korean language education-
dc.subjectKorean grammatical system-
dc.subjectKorean pedagogical grammar for foreigners-
dc.title외국어로서의 한국어 문법 연구 -의 검토를 중심으로-
dc.title.alternativeA Study of Korean Grammar as a Foreign Language -Focus on Study The Korean Grammar for Foreigners 1, 2-
dc.typeSNU Journal-
dc.contributor.AlternativeAuthorChoi, Eun Gyu-
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College of Education (사범대학)Korean Language Education Research Institute (국어교육연구소)국어교육연구 (The Education of Korean Language)국어교육연구 Volume 15/16 (2005)
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