OEIC Technologies for High-speed Optical Interconnection System

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Kim, Sung June; Kim, Dae Keun; Shin, Dong Won; Jeong, Chang Oh

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Opt. Quantum Electron. 27 (1995) 511
As the level of integration and the power of computation increase, methods of
interconnecting computational elements attract more attention and the total system
performance is bottlenecked by the problems associated with electrical interconnections.
Optical interconnections have advantages of practically unlimited bandwidth and
absence of crosstalk. To utilize such merits of optical interconnections, a large number
of low-cost high-performance optoelectronic integrated circuits (OEICs) are needed.
This paper focuses on monolithically integrated receiver OEICs that consist of InP/
InGaAs p-i-n photodiodes and fully ion-implanted InP junction field-effect transistors
(JFETs). In the formation of shallow InP p-n junctions we use a co-implantation
technique in which we implant a group V element together with Be, a dopant, and take
advantage of damage and stoichiometry effects. We fabricate a p-i-n/JFET amplifier
receiver front-end circuit and a receiver 2 • 2 crosspoint switch circuit using this
technique. We also develop bandwidth enhancement designs using inductive peaking
and cascoding. Finally, we demonstrate a single-channel, free-space optical
interconnection system with a bandwidth of 1.5 GHz and an interconnection length of
50 cm.
0306-8919 (print)
1572-817X (online)
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