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Chronic Cellular Reactions to Silicon Neural Probe Implant

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Oh, Seung Jae; Song, Jong Keun; Bjornsson, CS; Al-Kohafi, Y; Smith, Karen L.; Turner, James; Shain, William; Kim, Sung June

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5th International Meeting on Substrate-Integrated Micro Electrode Arrays (MEA Meeting 2006), Reutlingen, Germany, July 4-7, 2006
Chronic use of micromachined silicon neural probes is limited due to the formation of a complex
sheath of cells and extracellular proteins that electrically isolates devices from adjacent neurons and
neuronal damage. Understanding device-tissue interactions in the brain will provide a basis for developing
successful interface strategies for biocompatible microdevices. While the reactive responses to
single shank silicon devices inserted into neocortex are well characterized, responses in other regions
have not been described. This study was designed to determine if the reactive responses observed in
hippocampus and thalamus are similar to those observed in neocortex. This information is necessary
to design and implement appropriate intervention strategies to control regional cell and tissue responses.
Study of responses in hippocampus and thalamus has important scientific and clinical implications.
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