포도당 또는 아미노산 중복펄스후의 HGH 반응 : HGH response following double pulse glucose or amino acids administration In men

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성호경; 신동훈; 남기용

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med, Vol.19 No.2, pp. 74-80
To determine whether high HGH responses following
double pulse oral glucose administration have any
influence on glucose tolerance and insulin response.
and whether second pulse of intravenous glucose
and oral amino acids have a physiological role in assessment
of growth hormone release, 36 metabolically
normal men were studied
For the double pulse nutrient loads, subjects were
given a second identical nutrients 3 hours after the
:fi rst administration
In all of three loads, in response to the second
pulse, there was a predictable rise in plasma growth
hormone level.
In spite of higher rises in HGH, the insulin responses
and glucose tolerances to the second pulse were
nearly the same magnitude of the first pulse; however,
slightly slower glucose disappearance shown
only in the second oral glucose pulse.
Early insulin response to the oral glucose was
greater than the intravenous glucose. The greater increase
in plasma insulin concentration with oral gluc~
ase suggested an additional stimulus to insulin secre
tion possibly a release of gastrin may. to a limited
extent, contribute to the non·glycemic insulin secret·
Double pulse oral amino acids produced similar
plasma HGH response which were certainly not less
than those produced by oral glucose. However, the
response was modest when glucose was infused by
How intravenous glucose restrict the HGH release
remains the subject of study.
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