상관분석과 회귀분석을 이용한 논문의 통계활용 분석
Analysis on Reports of Statistical Testings for Correlation and Regression

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조동숙; 정재원; 김증임; 안숙희; 박소미; 박혜숙
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여성건강간호학회 = Korean Academy of Women's Health Nursing
Korean J Women Health Nurs, 14(3), 213-221
CorrelationRegressionStatistical analysis
Purpose:This study aimed to examine the accuracy and adequacy of research papers reporting statistical testings for correlation and regression.

Method:Original research articles utilized correlation and regression analysis were reviewed from the Korean Journal of Women Health Nursing published from the year 2004 to 2006. Thirty-six papers were evaluated in accordance with formatted criteria in respect to an inclusiveness of research title, accuracy of statistical methods and presentation styles, and errors in reporting statistical outcomes.

Result:Thirty articles (83.3%) utilized Pearsons correlational analysis, and ten articles did regression analysis. Lack of accurate understanding and interpretation of the statistical method was a main fault. Basic assumptions and diagnostic testings for each statistical method were not performed or described in most of the studies. Some points like consistency of research questions with statistical methods and criteria for sample size were still left out in part. Details of the presentation in the reporting of outcomes were not complied with the guidelines, which need careful concerns of the writers. Errors in English of result tables were found in more than one third of the tables.

Conclusion:The outcome would be reflected in the submission guidelines for future writers. To reach the level comparable with internationally recognized nursing journals, concrete knowledge to apply statistical methods should be ensured in the processes of submission, reviews, and editing.
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