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담화관계를 기반으로 한 온라인 토론에서의 입장 분석 연구 : Stance Classification of Online Debate Texts based on Discourse Relations

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dc.identifier.citationLanguage Research, Vol.52 No.3, pp. 511-532ko_KR
dc.description.abstractRecently, there is an increasing demand for the analysis of mass opinions using online text data. In particular, many studies have focused on automatic recognition of the main idea of subjective, argumentative writing. Additionally, such automatization of this task is fast becoming indispensable. This study constructed text data using debates in Korean on certain political issues, and attempted to identify the stance that each text supports about a given topic. We collected words which support one stance over the other and used them as the features for a machine learning classifier with a dictionary of sentiment words annotated based on their polarities. We then calculated weights for each sub-unit in the text based on the relevant discourse relations. Our classifier resulted in a slight improvement with respect to the defined weights.ko_KR
dc.publisherLanguage Education Research Center, Seoul National Universityko_KR
dc.subjectonline debate textsko_KR
dc.subjectstance classificationko_KR
dc.subjectdiscourse relationko_KR
dc.subjectKorean debate textko_KR
dc.subjectmachine learningko_KR
dc.title담화관계를 기반으로 한 온라인 토론에서의 입장 분석 연구ko_KR
dc.title.alternativeStance Classification of Online Debate Texts based on Discourse Relationsko_KR
dc.typeSNU Journalko_KR
dc.contributor.AlternativeAuthorLee, Sangah-
dc.contributor.AlternativeAuthorShin, Hyopil-
dc.citation.journaltitle어학연구(Language Research)-
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