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Evaluation of micro-organism-detaching efficacy from meat samples by spindle or stomacher treatment and quality analysis of suspensions

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Kim, S. -J.; Kim, D. -K.; Kang, D. -H.

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Blackwell Publishing Inc.
Journal of Applied Microbiology, Vol.120 No.4, pp.946-954
AimsWe investigated and compared the efficacy of a new apparatus for detaching micro-organisms from meat samples. Methods and ResultsThe efficacy of Spindle and stomacher in detaching micro-organisms from meat samples was evaluated. Also, evaluation of appropriateness of suspensions generated by both methods for carrying out molecular biological analysis was implemented. A nearly identical correlation and high R-2 were obtained between Spindle and stomacher in Aerobic PlateCount (APC), and no significant differences were observed in detachment of three major foodborne pathogens. The suspension generated by the Spindle showed lower turbidity and total protein concentration. Also, significantly different threshold cycles were observed in Real-time PCR analysis using suspensions generated by both methods. ConclusionsThe Spindle shows nearly identical efficacy with stomacher treatment in detaching micro-organisms from meat samples. Furthermore, the high quality of suspensions generated by the Spindle, in terms of turbidity and total protein assay, allows for a lower threshold cycle than stomached suspension in Real-time PCR. Significance and Impact of the StudyThe Spindle could be an alternative method for detaching micro-organisms, yielding a higher quality of suspensions which may be better suited for further molecular microbiological analysis.
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