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Students Perceptions of Enjoyment in Physical Education

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Kang, Sinbok; Kim, Yoonhee

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서울대학교 교육종합연구원
SNU Journal of Education Research, Vol.11, pp. 97-107
students' perceptionenjoyment
This study investigated middle school students' perceptions of specific factors related to

enjoyment in physical education (PE). Middle school-aged students (269 males, 349

females) responded to an Likert type question on general enjoyment in PE and an

open-ended question regarding the factors underlying enjoyment in PE. Descriptive

statistics and Chi-square analyses revealed that approximately 85.3% of the students

reported that they like PE. Gender differences in the level of enjoyment in PE were

found with higher enjoyment for male students (75.0%) compared to female students

(30.1%). A total of 1399 response on the open-ended question were content-analyzed. 12

general dimensions of enjoyment were emerged: (1) specific types of activities (e.g.,

soccer, basketball), (2) PE is fun and enjoyable, (3) PE is a break from classsroom work,

(4) PE affords contact with friends, (5) PE is not theory subjects, (6) PE helps to release

stress, (7) PE provides for health and fitness, (8) learning new skills is enjoyable, (9)

feelings of achievement, (10) PE teachers, (11) easy to get high grade in PE, and (12)

others (e.g., good facilities). The dimensions generally fit into the students' experience

categories (Kwack & Park, 1998; Luke & Sinclair, 1991) and reasons for participating in

PE (Baker et al., 1982; Browne, 1992; Butcher, 1976, 1980; Earl & Stennett, 1983).

However, some unique aspects of enjoyment in PE (e.g., PE is not theory subjects and

easiness to get high grade) reflect the nature of middle school PE in Korea. Gender

differences in the dimensions of PE enjoyment were also identified. The findings

provided greater understanding for the specific aspects of enjoyment in PE.
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