Literature and the Formation of Eco-environmental Mind

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Woo, Han Yong
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서울대학교 교육종합연구원
SNU Journal of Education Research, Vol.13, pp. 149-182
literary educationenvironmental mindeco-criticismecological ethics
One of the most important issues in this age is how to live

and carry on life harmonized with human being and his

environment. In this paper, I tried to find out the way in

literary education, because I think that it is the human

being itself that the main factor to bring out the

environmental issues. Without human being, any

environmental issues would have not brought out. Logically

saying, human being on the earth, they are the main

source of environmental issues.

The presupposition of this paper is that the only way to

live long together with environment, it is to change the

human mind. Through literature, especially poetic

education, we can find out the way to live long with

environment. Literature, especially poetries have great

forces to change human mind in all directions, feeling ,

emotion, reason, and moral sense.

Some Korean modem poetries are cited as examples.

Many Korean poets confzgurated environmental mind and

the readers of them moved by heart deeply. And in this

paper I considered the poetry as teaching materials and evaluated as the educational materials.

For the formation of environmental mind, we must teach the literature for the students. The reading process of literature is also the way to prepare environmental ethics for the future of human being and the earth.
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