A Trajectory of a Teacher's Professional Growth: An Analysis of Revoicing in a Preservice Mathematics Teacher's Classroom Discourse

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Ju, Mi-Kyung
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서울대학교 교육종합연구원
SNU Journal of Education Research, Vol.18, pp. 77-100
revoicingteacher discoursediscursivecompetenceprofessional development
This research analysed classroom discourse of a preservice

mathematics teacher, Dayoung, to investigate the functions of teacher's

revoicing and the change in her use of revoicing to describe the

features of its effective use in the context of teaching mathematics. The

data for this research had been collected in the context of teaching

practicum program which was designed to provide preservice teachers

with an environment for learning-to-teach through reflective practice.

The analysis identified diverse functions of teacher's revoicing including

highlighting emerging mathematical positions, making a connection

among students' mathematical ideas, initiating and sustaining a

student's mathematical argumentation. The comparative analysis showed

that Dayoung's use of reooicing has changed over the praciicum.

Specifically, in the first semester of the practicum, Dayoung's use of

revoicing was isolated from the students' argumentation. On the

contrary, in the last semester of her praciicum, her use of reooicing

was well integrated into the on-going mathematical arguments in class

to guide the students to construct coUaboratively mathematics. This

research suggests that analysis of a teacher's classroom discourse

provides useful information for understanding teacher's professional

development. Also, further research is needed to investigate how to

organize teaching practicum to support the development of teacher's

competence of teaching mathematics in class.
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