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Korea's Nord Politics and New Direction of Geography Education in Korea

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Lee, Ki-Suk

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서울대학교 교육종합연구원
SNU Journal of Education Research, Vol.1, pp. 14-20
The recent geography education at level of middle and high school in Korea is facing two inevitable problems. One is the

consistent shrinking of the proper geography territory and teaching shares whenever revision of the school curriculum has

occurred. The second one is a failure to accommodate unceasingly a new knowledge of regional geography in a rapidly changing world, and to reflect problem-oriented topics which are closely related to the Korean national policy and interests

of foreign countries on the school curriculum. In handling the latter, one major question is, "Exactly what is the problem with the current teaching of world and regional geography and in what way can we accommodate new contexts of regional geography relating to the Korean Nord Politics into the school curriculum?"

This paper suggests a new division for world and regional geography based on the concept of a Korea-centric world view, maximization of national interests and full accommodation of new knowledge of the changing world applicable to the high school and college levels considered. Two major regions, the Korea's Nord Region and the Pacific Rim Area, and five other sub-regions can be identified as a proposed unit of study strategically designed for better future

geography education. For the delination of this regional division, the paper considers the goal of national interests such as

Korea's Nord Policy, a new pivotal area in terms of economic and political affairs which will critically influence national development in the near future. Additionally the concepts of a Korea-centric view of the world and the role of Korea within and among regions is considered.
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