On Raising : A Reananysis of S-Deletion

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Lee, Hong Bae

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서울대학교 언어교육원
어학연구, Vol.20 No.2, pp. 107-120
The paper discusses a number of problems in connection with Chomsky's S-deletion approach to the analysis of 'exceptional Case-marking' verbs such as believe, and proposes a new approach to the effect that English contains a ø complementizer that can govern and assign Case, unlike Kayne's(1981) ø complementizer, and that a verb may subcategorize a non-argument as its complements, contradicting Chomsky's claim, "Complements of X are always θ-positions." The new approach is proved to meet requirements of the principles in the GB theory: theθ-criterion, the Case Filter, the Projection Principle and the Binding theory.

0. In this paper, I will argue that English constructions acounted for by means of S-deletion mechanism are not an exceptional phenomenon which calls for a special treatment in syntax. In particular, I will demonstrate that constructions involving the so-called 'exceptional Case-marking' verbs like believe may be accounted for in a principled way by assuming that they require a particular type of infinitival complement clause, just as 'ordinary' verbs such as want and try require their respective type of infinitival complement clause as in (1) and (2):
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Language Education Institute (언어교육원)Language Research (어학연구)Language Research (어학연구) Volume 20 Number 1/4 (1984)
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