Extensive Reading (ER) As a Remedial Program for Problems in EFL Reading: Benefits of ER, New Insights, and Justifications for the Use of ER in Korea

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Eur, Do Seon

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서울대학교 교육종합연구원
SNU Journal of Education Research, Vol.22, pp. 55-89
extensive readingbenefitsEFL problems in Koreaa remedial program
A substantial body of studies on extensive reading (ER) in

L2/EFL demonstrates that ER can bring considerable gains in overall

development: reading comprehension, reading rate, reading strategies,

reading fluency, reading habits, vocabulary, writing, listening,

grammar, speaking, and test-taking skills in both L2 and EFL settings.

Based on the profound effects of extensive reading on overall L2/FL

development including its affective and cognitive benefits, this paper

suggests that the evidence for such effectiveness of extensive reading is

so overwhelming that it would be unthinkable not to strongly support

the use of extensive reading in our EFL curriculum as an efficient

remedial program that can correct or counteract the wrongs of current

EFL intensive-reading programs in Korea. For several substantial

reasons other than these linguistic benefits, and with new insights and

findings, and justifications, linguistic, affective, cultural, social, and

cognitive, this paper suggests that extensive reading be developed into

an educational movement rather than an educational approach to usher

in a primary shift in our EFL settings. This paper aims to verify the

view that extensive reading can go beyond a linguistic learning to a

concern with making reading and learning itself pleasurable,

meaningful, relevant, useful, inspirational, valuable, and therefore, much

beneficial to EFL learners in the way that it can help them develop

and grow linguistically, socio-culturally (including multi-culturally),

cognitively, and emotionally as a whole person.
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